Coolest gym in the world and a puppy in class 

It’s six am and the sky is coloring orange and pink. It’s almost December but the weather is still nice and not too cold in the mornings. I try to breath a bit deeper and I realise how happy I am to be here. I’m on my way to my training and this morning the training is at a self-made gym build at the beach (see photo). You see them in more places, mostly at the beach, people use all kinds of material to create bars, weights and all kind of other materials, my favorite – to watch– being a giant tire with a rope that people actually use to run with weight behind them.

My friend and I are late (again) and when we arrive the trainer hands us a bar with some weight on it. For me it’s unknown how much weight there is on, because it is made by buckets filled with cement. At least, that is what I think it is made of. Our little group of women stands in a circle and we are all doing squats. Half of the team with a self made bar and cement buckets and the other half without. After two times fifteen we swap. One of the ladies has brought her kids, which is actually pretty normal here, especially since the kids only go to school on certain hours, as classes are made smaller at the moment. Also it is considered normal to have one or two dogs around when we train at the beach. But today, she also brought a puppy. A puppy. Imagine a little fluff ball bouncing between your legs while you are trying to squat with some heavy weights. It didn’t take long before we all were more into the puppy than into the training. Puppies here are most of the time super tiny when they are taken away from their mums. Too young actually. That is a whole different problem (lots of stray dogs, families with not enough money, breeding dogs etc. There are a few foundations here that try their best to address these problems. But let’s not focus on these problems and just continue with the fact there was a puppy in class!) 

So the super tiny puppy was bouncing in the middle of the circle when -of course- my two neighbor dogs smelled me and ran towards me and my friends. It didn’t take long before they discovered the puppy. The bigger dog that accompanied the mum, the kids and the puppy, took his ‘watch-dog-role’ pretty serious and my neighbor dogs were sent off by him. My younger neigbor dog – stil under the age of one-  didn’t want to go, cause he just found me (and he likes playing) which resulted in my actual human neighbor running through our circle of women to get his dog. So much for keeping focussed on the training. After that, our trainer fell in love with the puppy too so then we had again something to watch.

Half of our time was already gone and we went ‘inside’ the building of a dive school to continue with some exercises on our yoga mats. The little puppy of course went with us. I can honestly say, time in a sports class never went so fast as the adorable little one kept entertaining us. He was trying to clime his ‘mums’ face while she was trying to do some crunches. He wiggled to somebody else and tried to do the same. He sniffled my armpit while I was planking and because I giggled, he got a little scared.

How scared he actually got I found when I took my towel and mat at the end of class. Cute little puppy pee all over my towel. Never been so happy with a washing machine.


After a lot of questions about my new life in Cape Verde, I decided to start writing about it. The list of topics is endless, because living in a new continent, on a tiny island with a lot of different cultures and people from different countries can be exciting, intriguing, interesting, fun and hilarious. Stay tuned for more. You can read the first blog here. Photo made by me in the gym, if you look closely you will see a bar with a cement bucket.