e-Merge offers several coaching programs for you or your employee(s). If you have a specific question or if you want to know you are heading the right way, I can also help you with a Heart Boost. Below you can read more about the options for coach programs.
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Re-Balance and Take Control Programma

In this coaching program, we will work together to move you from the chaos caused by stress back to having control again.

Together we will find how you can relax more and what your biggest stressors are. You will be able to let go of the patterns and beliefs that you had until now, so that there is room for new, healthy patterns.

  • a (part of) this program can be online, by skype or telephone
  • duration: five coach sessions of one hour
  • Private person: 450 euros incl. VAT
  • Business: 775 euros ex. VAT

De-Stress Coaching

Are you struggling with stress and/or burnout complaints? I will write a tailor-made program that fully meets your needs. Just like in the Re-balance & take control program, you move out of chaos again and take control of your life again. In this program, there is more time for letting go of the patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you. We will end this program with a Heart Boost: which way do you really want to go in your life and your job?

Your investment depends on the number of sessions, duration, location, possible frequency, and setup. I am happy to write a quotation you or your employer. Starts from six coaching sessions of one hour.

Martijn about Coaching

Annelies guided a colleague for six months who was facing burnout. She has successfully brought our colleague back to his position in her own unique way. What was very pleasant about the collaboration was that she understood what was needed; getting the direction back in life. Regular consultations and feedback took place in which there was a constant balance between a good employer and a good employee. Annelies; thanks!
Martijn Harinck – HR Manager

Heart Boost

Do you have a specific question that you want to talk about, but don’t want a complete coaching program?

The Heart boost is made for you! We will discuss your question in one hour and you will know what your next step should be. 

Workshops and Trainings

Would you like to hire me as a speaker or are you interested in the  workshops and training sessions I give?

Please contact me for more information or have a look at the specific pages.