Looking for someone to talk about stress, energy management or happiness at work?

At companies and at events I talk about stress, energy management and happiness at work. I combine this with my personal story; creating, having and overcoming burnout and following your heart.

Because of my background in the corporate world and in the financial and banking industry, I know how demanding that environment can be. In the past five years, I have studied about stress and burnout and personal development. 

I followed workshops and courses and was trained in transformative coaching, mindset, group coaching mindfulness, ayurveda, yoga, (emotional) trauma release, reiki and much more. I read so many books on these topics and like to combine my knowledge with my own story. Down to earth, practical and with humor, the subject itself is heavy enough.

I will alter my story to your program and wishes.

From € 1000, for half a day


Laura about e-Merge

Annelies has set up a workshop in a short period of time that matches our demand. During the preparation meetings Annelies helped out a lot, she was able to relate to our situation and had various interesting ideas and suggestions. By sharing her own story during the workshop, she has become vulnerable, she has touched many colleagues with it. She was able to scientifically substantiate her knowledge in the field of stress and burnout. After the workshop, Annelies was genuinely interested in the experience of the participants and in their feedback. All in all a pleasant cooperation!

Laura ten Cate- van Doorum - HR Business Partner, Learning & Development Pharmerit International


What happens in your head, system and body when you experience a lot of stress? What can you do if your colleagues or loved ones suffer from a lot of stress? And what can you do if you are the one who has too much stress?

A lecture about the brain and nervous system. What is stress and how can you release it?

From Head to Heart

I used to run in the corporate ratrace. My belief was that that was what you were supposed to do. And I was extremely unhappy. My burnout forced me to re-evaluate my life. In this lecture I will talk about the lessons I learned after my burnout. Everyone is talking about “following your heart”, but how do you do that? And will happen if you do?