Workshops and Trainings

In my workshops I combine my corporate background with the path I decided to follow after my burn-out. For years I worked in several Human Recources departments as an advisor and coach for management. Most of the time in a challenging environment.

After that period I studied the topics of stress, burn-out, mindset coaching, emotional and stress release, mindfulness, meditation, Ayurveda, yoga, energy management, and reiki. I provide several workshops in which I combine my expertise and personal experience.

Below you will find several workshops. I am happy to write a tailor-made workshop for your organization or event.

From EUR 1.000,-  for half a day.

Sven about Training

Annelies has the right mix of knowledge and experience to explain the essence of mindfulness in the workplace in a practical and understandable way. In a few hours, she convinced us with a few simple exercises and a good story of the value of headspace in business life. Annelies has a warm personality and easily switches between theory and practice. She is highly recommended!

Sven - Data Management Consultant at ABN Amro


For (HR) managers: How do you recognize symptoms of stress? By looking, listening, but especially feeling. I can teach you how to work with your intuition. The biggest problem for people who suffer from stress is that they often tell themselves that things are still going ‘okay’. That is what they tell you as well. To overcome this, you must be able to properly assess the situation. In this workshop, you will learn how.



Why do so many people want to meditate these days?

The corporate world has discovered it as well. Why? It gives you a better focus and attention and brings you relaxation. And you are training your brain. In this workshop you will learn how and why you want to meditate.


Stress, Brains en Nerves

For everyone who wants to know more about stress and how you can release it for yourself. Based on my own story I take you into the world of stress: your brain, your nervous system and your hormonal system. You will learn exercises to relieve your stress immediately.

Heart Whispers

More and more people are saying that you ‘just have to follow your heart’. But how do you do that? Most of us live in our head all day long. Thought after thought. How do you follow your heart then? How do you listen to what your heart is telling you? A workshop about the cooperation between your head and your heart.